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Bilingual Speech Online is your tailored gateway to ensuring your bilingual child’s speech and language growth. Designed for Spanish-English kids aged 1-3 possibly facing speech delays, our program comes in two intensities – a 6-week and a 12-week program. Each week unveils modules and activities, designed by a licensed bilingual SLP with extensive experience. Plus, benefit from live consultations, that guide you every step of the way.

This comprehensive package isn’t just about lessons, but about embedding them in daily routines and connecting with a like-minded community. Rooted in expert research and proven strategies, it’s available on both desktop and mobile.

Discover the Power of Bilingual Speech Mastery 🌟

Imagine empowering your child with the gift of fluent bilingual communication, bridging both Spanish and English seamlessly. Not just that, imagine doing it with the confidence that you’re following a proven path, expertly crafted for young minds. If you’ve been searching for a way to guide your child through the bilingual journey, you’re at the right place. The Bilingual Speech Online program is just what you’ve been looking for.

Let’s Talk About Your Concerns…

  • 😕 Do you often find yourself lost on how best to aid your child in dual language development?
  • 🤔 Is engaging with your bilingual child becoming increasingly challenging?
  • 😟 Finding bilingual experts feels like a wild goose chase, doesn’t it?
  • 🙁 Is your child’s progress in speech therapy slower than you’d hoped?

Here’s What We Offer to Address Those Concerns:

  • 📘 A well-structured program, masterfully crafted by a developmental specialist.
  • 🌱 Effective strategies that arm you with tools to engage and empower your child at home.
  • 🎓 Relied upon guidance from bona fide bilingual SLPs.
  • 🤝 Parent-child coaching, perfectly tailored to complement your child’s speech therapy.

Start With Bilingual Speech Online 🌍

A beacon for parents of bilingual children (Spanish-English) aged 1-3, especially those navigating the challenges of speech-language delays or disorders. This program has been meticulously curated, with a focus on the parent-child coaching model. It’s tailored for bilingual families, enveloping topics such as developmental norms, second language acquisition, and research-backed strategies. These strategies have a track record of enhancing receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language skills.

The course through this program is beautifully bifurcated – with pre-recorded lessons through sequential online modules, and the personal touch of live video consultations with licensed speech-language pathologists.

A Word from Paula Acuña, M.A., CCC-SLP“My passion has always been to improve the quality of life for bilingual children grappling with language delays. Through this program, we’re not just enhancing their language skills but also fostering their self-esteem. I’m here to guide and assist you, every step of the way.”

Let’s Get Started!

Why wait when you can try Week 1 for FREE? Get immediate access, and if you love the experience, seamlessly transition into the full program. Remember, your commitment today will grant you access for 12 whole months. The power to reshape your child’s bilingual is just a click away. Ready to leap? Choose your course, sign up, and let’s transform that bilingual journey, together.

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Who is Bilingual Speech Online for? 🤔

Are you a bilingual parent or caregiver, speaking both Spanish and English, with a young one aged between 1 and 3? If yes, you’re at the right spot. Bilingual Speech Online is tailored for:

  • 👶 Those concerned about their toddler’s speech-language growth.
  • 🌍 Families searching high and low for a bilingual SLP but coming up short.
  • 🗣 Little ones find it hard to pick up new words or grapple to respond to simple questions and directions.
  • 😟 Youngsters getting frustrated, feeling trapped by their inability to express themselves.
  • 📋 Children identified or diagnosed with communication setbacks.
  • 📚 Families already pursuing English speech therapy but yearning for that bilingual edge.
  • 🕐 Those on a waitlist for speech therapy, wanting to make the most of the interim.

Do any of these sound like your situation? Then, this program is crafted just for you. It’s time to bridge the communication gap and watch your child flourish!

🌟Yes! I Want the Program🌟

What Does This Course Have In Store For You 🌟

With our comprehensive program, you’re equipped with tools tailored for success:

✅ Spend just an hour a week with our detailed weekly modules and activities.

✅ Benefit from personalized feedback during live consultations with Ms. Paula at pivotal moments in your journey.

✅ Access a treasure trove of guided videos, resources, and assessments.

✅ Learn on-the-go with practical “Do along” strategies to infuse into your day-to-day.

✅ Join our exclusive Facebook community, connecting with like-minded families.

✅ Dive into 40+ lessons, crafted by an expert bilingual SLP with extensive experience in pediatric care.

✅ Immerse in our parent-child coaching framework, crafted especially for Spanish-English bilingual families.

✅ Stand on a foundation built upon solid research, geared for diverse linguistic families.

✅ Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the course on both desktop and mobile for a full year, ensuring your strategies remain sharp and effective.

Ready to bridge the bilingual gap and empower your child? Your path to success starts here!

All Your Questions Answered🌟

1. Who is Ms. Paula? Paula Acuña, affectionately known as Ms. Paula, is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist. Recognizing a unique need within her community, she carved out a space to support diverse families linguistically and culturally.

2. How does this program deliver results? The magic lies in integrating learned strategies into your daily life. Repeated practice at home, using familiar toys and trusted caregivers, creates an optimal learning environment for your child.

3. Will this program replace speech therapy? No. If your child has been diagnosed with a language or speech disorder, specialized speech therapy is vital. Our program complements therapy by offering support for common language delays with a unique parent-child coaching twist.

4. Does insurance cover this program? Medical insurance won’t cover Bilingual Speech Online as it’s distinct from outpatient speech therapy. However, you might get reimbursement or coverage through some specialty wellness or workplace programs.

5. Is the content live or prerecorded? It’s a mix! You’ll get 12 modules with 40+ recorded lessons. Additionally, during Weeks 3, 6, and 9, Ms. Paula will provide individualized feedback and coaching, ensuring you get the most from your experience.

6. What sets this program apart? Bilingual Speech Online stands out with its parent-child coaching model tailored for linguistically diverse families. This model is enriched by research and hands-on experience from treating numerous pediatric clients.

7. How does parent-child coaching differ from therapy? Our approach centers on family involvement to enhance therapy outcomes. Especially for younger clients, parents play a crucial role in implementing home strategies, ensuring success.

8. What if we primarily speak English or Spanish? No worries! While the majority of the content is in English, we’ve peppered it with Spanish materials to resonate with bilingual families. The program is designed to cater to a range of bilingual proficiencies.

9. Can I pace myself through the program? Absolutely. While we recommend a steady pace, all modules and consultations are accessible in your secure course area for a year. This gives you the flexibility to catch up or revisit any module.

Our Price Plans, Your Payment Options

Pricing PlansDurationPriceFeaturesValue
Most Popular12 Weeks
Ages 1-3
$397 Total
Dedicated bilingual SLP
12 modules
3 live 45-min sessions
40+ lessons
Over $1,100
6 Weeks


6 Weeks
Ages 1-3
$247 Total
Dedicated bilingual SLP
6 modules
2 live 45-min sessions
20+ lessons
Over $600
Additional Sessions45 min/Session
All Ages
$97/sessionIndividual coaching
Custom strategies
Work on specific needs
Ongoing support

See What Fellow Parents Are Saying

Maria Fernandez:
“As a mom struggling to help my daughter juggle both English and Spanish, this program has been a game-changer. Ms. Paula’s techniques helped bridge the gap between both languages seamlessly. Highly recommended!”

Liam O’Brien:
“We were at our wits’ end trying to find support for our bilingual son. Thankfully, Ms. Paula’s program provided just the expertise we needed. The transformation in our little guy’s speech has been nothing short of remarkable!”

Aishwarya Mehta:
“As immigrants, we wanted our son to embrace both our native language and English. With Ms. Paula’s guidance, he’s become more confident in both languages. The lessons are practical, fun, and truly effective.”

Thabo Nkosi:
“My wife and I were worried about our daughter mixing up Spanish and English. This program gave us clarity and direction. The live sessions with Ms. Paula are invaluable!”

Sophie LeBlanc:
“My son looked forward to every lesson. As a single parent, I appreciated the community feel of the Facebook group. It’s comforting to know you’re not alone in the bilingual journey.”

Hamza Al-Saad:
“Being bilingual is a gift, and this program ensures it stays that way. My daughter’s improvement has been rapid and consistent. Thank you, Ms. Paula, for sharing your expertise!”

Join Us Today and Ensure a Bilingual Boost for Your Child 🚀

South African parents, seeking ways how to teach a foreign language to a child, often find themselves inundated with a plethora of options, but not all are rooted in practical effectiveness. The best online language courses seamlessly blend well-researched strategies with practical applications, and Bilingual Speech Online stands out in this regard.

This program isn’t just another course—it’s a well-researched, clinically tested, and meticulously crafted journey tailored for bilingual children. Paula’s unique Teach-Model-Coach-Review approach ensures parents are not just passive spectators but active participants, ensuring a richer, more holistic learning environment for their kids.

South Africa, with its rich tapestry of cultures and languages, is the perfect backdrop for a program like this. Why settle for mediocrity when your child can benefit from one of the best online language courses available? Gift them the edge they deserve in this globalized world and watch them blossom into confident bilingual communicators.

Investing in Bilingual Speech Online is an investment in a brighter, bilingual future. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

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